10 Leadership Lessons from a Janitor

I’ve had the good fortune to recently meet and begin a friendship with Coach Gary Colson.  Coach Colson is simply amazing.  He shares a wealth of wisdom and has a humor about him that is highly contagious.  His outlook is always happy.  Every time I have spoken to him, no matter the situation.

Gary Colson

He ends each email with… “Don’t mess with the Happy!”

He shared with me a tremendous article, USAF Lessons in Leadership from a Janitor.

The 10 lessons are listed below, but follow the link and download the actual article – an excellent handout for players to take home with them for the summer.

Don’t forget the “rest of the story” portion at the end…


1. Be Cautious of Labels.

2. Everyone Deserves Respect.

3. Courtesy Makes a Difference.

4. Take Time to Know Your People.

5. Anyone Can Be a Hero.

6. Leaders Should Be Humble.

7. Life Won’t Always Hand You What You Think You Deserve.

8. Don’t pursue glory; pursue excellence.

9. Pursue Excellence.

10. Life is a Leadership Laboratory.

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