2010 University of Florida Coaches Clinic

Here they are, as promised… the 2010 University of Florida Coaches Clinic notes:


  1. Larry Shyatt, Florida – Introduction
  2. Brad Stevens, Butler – Defensive Principals
  3. Del Harris, Texas Legends – Today’s Game
  4. Gary Parrish, CBS Sports – Reporter’s Perspective
  5. Jamie Dixon (Pitt), Matthew Driscoll (Florida), Shaka Smart (VCU) – Special Situations
  6. Buzz Williams, Marquette – Program Organization
  7. LuAnn Humphrey, NCAA Enforcement (Director)
  8. Kevin Eastman, Boston Celtics – NBA Defense & More
  9. Travis Ford (Oklahoma State), Shaka Smart (VCU), Brendan Suhr (NBA) – Finding and Coaching Your Team Leader / Coaching the Modern Player
  10. Matt Painter, Purdue – Motion Offense
  11. John Costigan, iPad Application
  12. Spencer Wood, Ice Box Athlete – Mental Toughness in the Clutch
  13. Larry Greer (Trailblazers) and Charles Klask (Magic) – Advance Scouting
  14. Billy Donovan, Florida – Preparing to become a head coach


  1. Hi,

    I was really excited to look at the notes from this great clinic, but the link doesn’t work. Any chance you guys can mail me the file if you still have it…?


    Coach Ido.

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