2010 Women’s Basketball Signing Day

It’s here!  Fall Signing Day for the 2010 Women’s Basketball Recruiting Class!  Seems like the 2010 Class was done so long ago.  Most schools have had the 2010 class completed for over a year and have been working away on the 2011 and 2012 classes.  Once you get ahead… stay ahead!

Many think this is not as strong a class as some in the past.  True, there may not be a plethora of studs… but there are many, many good players that will help teams across the country.

The formula I used is not that scientific.

ABR Top Ten Formula: Assigned point values for each prospect signed, added by total number of signees, then divide out the number for an average so the smaller classes aren’t over-looked.  In the event of a tie – I let them be ties.

A great job of recruiting, evaluating and signing by this group of coaches, their staff’s and of course the players on each of the teams who hosted these prospects on their visits.


Here it is, my final rankings for the 2010 Women’s Basketball Recruiting Class:


*Each TEAM name links to the school’s release on their class (if available).

1. DUKE: (5)                                                                                        ABR:  44 / 8.8

2T. CONNECTICUT: (5)                                                                  ABR:  43 / 8.6

2T. MARYLAND: (5)                                                                       ABR:  43 / 8.6

4T. GEORGIA: (2)                                                                               ABR:  17 / 8.5

*Khaalidah Miller (verbal) is not yet listed as signed.  Her #10 ranking will move Georgia to the #2 overall class:  ABR: 26/8.67.

4T. STANFORD: (2)                                                                         ABR:  17 / 8.5

6T. LOUISVILLE: (5)                                                                     ABR:  40 / 8.0

6T. PENN STATE: (2)                                                                     ABR:  16 / 8.0

*Ariel Edwards (verbal) is not yet listed as signed.  Her #11 ranking will not change PSU’s overall ranking.  ABR:  24/8.0

8. FLORIDA STATE: (4)                                                               ABR:  30 / 7.5

9. BOSTON COLLEGE: (4)                                                          ABR:  26 / 6.5

10. OKLAHOMA: (5)                                                                     ABR:  26 / 5.2


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