ABR Reading List – UPDATE

An update on the current book I am reading for the ABR Reading list.

DEEP SURVIVAL, by Laurence Gonzales.

It has started out very clinical, but the concept of why some people survive and some do not is very interesting.

Here is a preview of DEEP SURVIVAL.

A friend from way back in my UMass Lowell days, Brad Oringer (now coaching at The City College of New York), recommended the following books:

A Game Of Character – Craig Robinson

Don’t Call Me Coach – Phil Martelli

A Passion To Lead – Jim Calhoun

Finding A Way To Win – Bill Parcells

The Gold Standard – Coach K

Leadership Secrets Of Colin Powell – Oren Herreri

I have yet to read any of them, but I’m sure if Brad has recommended them they are worth checking out.  I will get to them throughout the year.

Click on each book title for a brief preview.

Let me know if you have read any of these and your review/thoughts and I will post them.  Email me your review at:  ideas@allbasketballreview.com.  Also add in any of your recommendations on Books or DVD’s to share on the site for other coaches, players or families to enjoy and learn from..

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