When does a young man or woman become a “Prospetive Student-Athlete” (PSA)?

You officially become a Prospective Student-Athlete (PSA) on the first day of classes for 9th grade.  Before 9th grade you become a PSA if a college gives you (or your relatives or friends) any financial aid or benefits that the college does not provide to all prospective students.

When is a college officially recruiting me?

If a coach or representative of the college’s athletic interests approaches you or any member of your family) about enrolling or participating in athletics at that college/university you are considered a prospect.

Who is allowed to recruit me?

Only university coaches and staff are permitted to recruit you.  Alumni and friends of the university are NOT permitted to contact PSA’s or their families in any way.

When can I begin to receive recruiting mail?

You may begin to receive recruiting materials through the mail from coaches, faculty members and athletic staff members beginning September 1st of your junior year in high school.  Boosters and Alumni can NOT mail you.  You may receive ONE mailing prior to September 1st of your junior year.  That mailing can ONLY out line the NCAA bylaw on mailing, contain a questionnaire and a camp brochure.

*If you request information before your junior year, coaches may send you a questionnaire, but all other information must come through the admissions office.  If you visit the college on your own (an unofficial visit) you can pick up any information that is available to any prospective student, this includes a student-athlete handbook.

When can a PSA receive phone calls?

College coaches may call you once per week after July 1st upon completion of your junior year in high school.  There are select other sport specific times where a coach may call you prior to summer competition, etc.  You may call college coaches any time and it will not count as the one call per week.  You may also call collect.  If college coaches call and you are not home or available – it does not count as their one call per week.  Boosters and Alumni are NOT permitted to call you at any time.  **You can locate most coaches phone numbers on their university’s website under “Staff Directory.”

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