ABR Recruiting Network – THINGS TO KNOW


  • You and your parents or coaches may visit a college campus, at your own expense, as many times as you would like.  There are times considered a “DEAD PERIOD,” when you can not visit with members of a coaching staff.  Let the coaches know you are coming.
  • You may meet and speak with college coaches on their campus at any time, except during a “DEAD PERIOD.”
  • You may receive three (3) complimentary admissions to any collegiate sporting event any time you are visiting a university campus.  Your high school and/or AAU (Summer) coach may receive two (2) complimentary admissions as well.  That sporting event must be on the universities campus or regular HOME playing facility and it can not be for a post season (conference or NCAA Tournament) game.
  • During your Senior year in high school:
    • You may take ONLY five (5) Official Visits
      • An Official Visit allows the college you are visiting to pay for certain things for you and your parents or guardian.  Those things include:
        • Hotel
        • Transportation – for you only if you are flying for all of you if you ride in the same car with your parents or guardian.
        • A university coach may accompany you during your trip to campus ONLY if that transportation occurs by automobile and all transportation occurs within the 48 hour period.
        • meals – On campus or Off.
        • Complementary Admissions to Athletic Events
  • BEFORE you can take an Official Visit you must provide that college a copy of your test score fro the SAT, ACT or PSAT.
  • Your Official Visit may not exceed more than 48 hours.



Permissible for authorized athletics department staff to be involved in off-campus activities to assess academic qualifications and athletic abilities.  No in-person, off-campus recruiting contacts with a prospect are permitted.  *Each year, the coaching staff may evaluate you up to 5 times during the academic year in women’s basketball (others sports have specific numbers of evaluations specific to the sport).  You can locate sport specific evaluation numbers HERE.


A contact occurs any time a coach has any face-to-face contact with you or your parents off the college’s campus and says more than hello. A contact also occurs if a coach has any contact with you or your parents at your high school or any location where you are competing or practicing.

Other Definitions HERE.

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