Ann Meyers-Drysdale’s New Book, “You Let Some Girl Beat You?”

I forgot to mention… I read the first chapter of Ann Meyer’s-Drysdale’s new book, You Let Some Girl Beat You? and it was excellent!

Ann is a dear friend, easily one of the greatest basketball players ever, a tremendous leader and an accomplished author.

The begining of her story in chapter one is something you will definately want to read. Her signing with the Pacers, the ridicule of the press and having to forfeit the opportunity to play in the 1980 Olympics.

Thanks to people like Ann Meyers-Drysdale we have a WNBA. We have a place where our greatest women’s basketball players can play on their own soil, earn a living and not face the taunts of the press as she did.

Read Chapter one HERE:

The book is still in the pre-order stage, but don’t wait to order it when it is released the first part of May, it coincides with the 40th Anniversary of Title IX.

You can order it HERE from Amazon or from Ann’s website: http://www.annmeyersdrysdale.com/


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