Basketball Coaching Clinics

Basketball Coaching Clinics or me jumping on my soap box again?

Having just attended the Nike Championship Clinic in Richmond, I still can not understand why more coaches do not make the time to go to clinics.  Especially Division I college coaches.  The ONLY Division I coaches in attendance in Richmond were the Men’s and Women’s staff’s from Richmond.  Even Division II or III coaches.  There might have been 10 college coaches there.

I understand being on the road in the fall.  Head coaches and two of the three assistants are on the road in Division I.  The other assistant probably was on the road or is conducting individual work-outs back at their school.  I understand time home with family.  I get it.  This isn’t as much about them.

Within an hour drive of Richmond is probably at least 5 Division I schools and countless small colleges.  All of the DI’s have a Director of Operations, a GA, an intern, a video coordinator, an administrative assistant, an assistant video coordinator, an assistant operations director, a manager or someone who wants to get a coaching job.  Did I miss any of the newly created positions to circumvent the NCAA limitations on coaching staffs?  That will be a different post.

This is how our profession has evolved.  Ten years ago, more or less, young coaches went to clinics to learn how to coach, learn how to teach the game before (or at least at the same time as) trying to get the next job.  Now, everyone just wants the next job.  I don’t begrudge anyone for wanting to move up, earn a better living, be at a “Big-Time” school.  I do, however, believe you should be ready to do the work once you get there.  Be ready to provide more than recruiting.  Jeff Van Gundy’s believed and told me in 1985, do the job you have today as though it is the last job you have and the next job will take care of itself.  It’s still true today, but that is lost with today’s young coaches.   AHHH, there in lies the catch – Recruiting.  College basketball has become 90% (or more) about recruiting and less and less about basketball.  Doesn’t this sound like what iHoops is supposed to influence, change?

I will be traveling today and the next 7-8 days.  I have a 4 school tour planned to watch workout, talk to staff’s, ask questions – learn something.  Improve.

I hope to write up my clinic notes for sharing through out the week.


  1. A men Brotha!!! Those who have never heard Don Meyer speak, you need to find a clinic near them where he is speaking. If you look up “humble” in the dictionary you will find him. Safe travels bud and thanks for putting this site together as it is a well needed resource for all coaches especially high school.

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