Reality Check

A lecture from Kobe Bryant’s personal trainer, Mike Procopio, shared by Coach Lason Perkins.  Found on George Ravelings Website. I’m going to give you something that at your age is more important than oxygen and that’s the truth. There’s too much fluff given to young people today, especially in the world of high level sports….

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Quote of the Day

“Everything you needed to learn, you learned in kindergarten… and that’s about sharing.” Jeff Van Gundy quoting the legendary George Raveling ESPN Oklahoma City vs San Antonio

Coaching Nuggets…

I swiped these from Lyndsey at Point Guard College.  Arguably, one of the finest instructional basketball development programs in the country. Kevin Eastman on the Theory of Two: It takes two minutes to show any skill. It takes two weeks to do it every single day to get comfortable with the skill. It takes two…

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Everything Counts

Good fortune comes in many forms.  Friends, new acquaintances or colleagues is one of the best forms in my opinion.  Life’s new chapter has brought much good fortune. Coach Colson has shared another good one with us. From Gary Colson: Mr.George Raveling( VP FOR NIKE) gave me a booklet that said: “AS A LEADER EVERY THING…

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