College Chalktalk!

All Basketball Review and College Chalktalk will partner up this season to feature a weekly Big Ten Men’s Basketball Notebook. Beginning in October find all the inside analysis, features and commentary on all the men’s basketball action in the Big Ten Conference. The 2010 – 11 season could be one of the most memorable in…

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2009-10 D1 Men’s Basketball Attendance

Interesting… The Sporting News (Digital Edition) released today all the Men’s Division I basketball attendance figures for the 2009 – 10 season.  There is both the Top 100 individual schools as well as the conference by conference breakdown. The page is linked below. Division I Men’s 2009-10 Attendance

Ideas on Developing a Great Point Guard

POINT GUARDS: Goals for the Great Point Guard: Perfect from the Free Throw line. 2 to 1 Assist to TO Ratio, minimum. Knowledge of each players responsibilities (Offensive positions and Defensive assignments) as well as there own. Leadership: verbal, non-verbal and by example. Confident, Tough, Resilient. The basic premises are that everything on the floor…

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