Reality Check

A lecture from Kobe Bryant’s personal trainer, Mike Procopio, shared by Coach Lason Perkins.  Found on George Ravelings Website. I’m going to give you something that at your age is more important than oxygen and that’s the truth. There’s too much fluff given to young people today, especially in the world of high level sports….

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The Wisdom of Jeff Van Gundy

From Stronger Team Blog Jeff Van Gundy Wisdom ·         Don’t over coach. Don’t run too much “stuff.” Keep things simple. ·         Albert Einstein: “Be as simple as you can be… but no simpler.” ·         Most high school coaches would be twice as successful if they cut out half of their stuff! ·         The key to winning: “You need to do what…

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The Wisdom of the “Three P’s”…

As we all begin a new academic year I wanted to share with you some “wisdom” I have gathered along the way.  Many sources, many people. These thoughts can apply to any walk of life, any career, any program or organization. Hope it is helpful as the journey begins for 2010 – 11. * PRINTABLE…

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