Be The Match – VABA’s Basketball Marrowthon

The Basketball Marrowthon was carried out by the Virginia Basketball Academy and  it’s many, many volunteers to benefit transplant and bone marrow research.

The simple purpose: to raise funds and awareness as well as increase the donor registry – all to benefit bone marrow research & transplants around the world!

VDBL teams played basketball as long as they could… and found people to pay for each hour that they played (or they made a flat donation). The

Defensive Teaching at the Marrowthon

2nd annual Marrowthon was a fun and fit activity for the VDBL (a.k.a. “D” League) that helps support a wonderful cause.  Not only was it a great fitness event, but it further supported the vital mission and core values stressed by VABA.

There were up to 12 hours of basketball available to all players (1:00 – 7:00 pm on Saturday, November 6th & Sunday, November 7th).

Ball Handling at the Marrowthon

The team’s hours counted for the time they spent on the court.   Whether it was the 60-minute scrimmages, 30-minute clinics, Skills Challenges, 3-point Contests or 1-on-1 Challenges with UVA Players, VDBL participants set realistic goals based on age and development.

Each player received a certificate of participation.

The goal: to help families raise the balance of their league fee, and in doing so, help the VABA Fundraising Committee raise at least $7,500 to fund the VABA Scholarship Program (which funds VABA programs to those who cannot afford them).  If each family raised $150, VABA will have achieved their goal.  If each family raised up to $320, the families will have zero left on their league participation balance.

And, the best news is… someone could SAVE A LIFE! How?

All adults, eighteen years and older, were encouraged to join the registry for bone marrow tissue typing…and possibly save a life.   It’s easy to join!  There are no needles or invasive procedures.   The technology has been vastly simplified in recent years, so there is no reason not to join!   To join, anyone could simply stop by a “Donor Booth” at the Basketball Marrowthon and have their cheek swabbed – that’s it!  Then, each new registrant was placed on the registry for a patient desperately in need of a match.   VABA also made a contribution towards the laboratory testing cost for everyone that joined.

If you haven’t registered… DO IT!

To find out more about registering or hosting a “Be The Match” registry event look HERE.

Thank you to everyone in the Charlottesville area who attended, volunteered and became a potential match!


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