#BELIEVE – Evan Carmichael

A few months ago I began to follow the newsletter of a guy in Canada named Evan Carmichael.  Evan is what I would call a help the “Get up and Grind” guy.

His website is here:  EVAN CARMICHAEL.  Twitter: @evancarmichael, Facebook , YouTube… it’s all there to follow.  Applying what he shares to leadership, mentoring, basketball, coaching, being a great player or anything else is all about YOU.

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I don’t even remember how I found the site, the newsletter or the YouTube channel.  It was all spurred by my trying to  solve the problems of today while preparing myself for tomorrow.  In the past 8 months, no easy task.

With the state of the coaching world, I did a Google search for “How to earn a living doing what you Love to do.”  I found 287,000,000 hits in 0.66 seconds.  I didn’t find Evan there.  Personally, the search was not much help.  Back to the drawing board.

What I love is to provide resources for you on my site.  To mentor and share.  The Van Gundy’s taught me that long ago, Give more… ask for nothing.  To see people benefit from the success and experiences I have been fortunate to have had.

Evan is a really good resource.  He causes you to Think.  To Feel.  If you email, he responds.  If you ask a question, he gives you a real answer.  If you tweet him, he gets back to you.  He is friendly, funny and smart.  He doesn’t pound you to buy stuff.  Of course there is stuff to buy, The Zhuge Series, but I don’t think he is going to retire on what people buy off his website.  Maybe, I don’t know.

His approach is one of optimism.  Passion.  He definitely comes off that he believes way more in you than you do in yourself.  He is willing to challenge you to do something about it.

For me, everything he posts, says or writes has some impact.  The newsletter is valuable.  He calls it your “guidebook to entrepreneurial success.”  That to me is Marketing.

YOUR challenge is figuring out how it is applicable, how to get it to work for you and how to make it lucrative or successful, whatever your goal is.

Primarily, he is focused on inspiring and supporting entrepreneurs.  He has the lofty goal of #believing in and helping 1 Billion entrepreneurs.

We all know, #Believing in something is vitally important to the passion that fuels our existence and going for it.  Faith and #Belief give us hope and that hope propels us forward when all odds seem impossible.

Making what we #Believe in vitally important to others and learning how to help them make it profitable and/or successful is what he seems to be about.

He engages you each day.

This is a video from his site I watch everyday.  Without fail.  It is me right now.  Braddock.  You may have seen it, it has over 750,000 views.

There are boat loads of good videos, like this one:

… and this

You’ll find them.  We have all used them or some portion of them in pre-game videos for the BIG game.

Start early, preferably on a Sunday morning.  DON’T start at night or it will be morning before you stop.

As Evan would say #Believe.

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