Chicago Sky

The official announcement has been made and I could not be more excited to join the staff of Head Coach Pokey Chatman in Chicago.

The WNBA is a great league to coach in and the opportunity in Chicago is extremely exciting.

I know what you are thinking… everyone says that when they get hired.  Maybe so, but here is why Chicago is exciting and why I’m saying it:

– Head Coach Pokey Chatman brings a focused, determined and proven successful plan to an organization that craves such an approach and is ready to thrive within that plan.

– Chicago reminds me of when I started coaching in the WNBA in 1999:  A tremendous amount of passion, energy and enthusiasm around the organization.  Each of the staff members I met were so eager and enthusiastic to do the things needed and develop the systems it takes to be successful.

– Chicago, like New York, is a major media market and tremendous sports city.  The amount of media and the attention that Coach Chatman’s visit from Russia brought:  5 TV camera’s, representatives from each of the newspapers – one as far away as the Wisconsin border.

– Over 200+ fans and season ticket holders attended a Holiday pizza event at Gino’s East on a cold December night.  People remarked, things like this had not happened like that before.

Pokey Chatman

Christie Sides

Our staff is experienced, yet still thrives on learning.  It’s focused and still in touch with the players mentality.  Is creative offensively, defensively and sound fundamentally.  Passionate and committed to a championship mindset.  Proven to achieve success at the highest level.

It’s going to be an amazing ride…


and hang on… here we go!

My excited SKY CREW!…


  1. Hi Coach House!

    Am very impressed and proud of you! Good luck to you, Pokey and your team!

    Go Sky!


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