Coach John Wooden on Victory With Honor and Coach as Teacher

From the X’s & O’s of Basketball…

Coach Wooden’s teachings are always profound.  This week…. for me, 8 practices in 4 days so far… have convinced me of that even more.  So many different styles, personalities and ways to teach with all the same goal:  Teach the game, play hard and try to be in a position to win.  Coach Wooden’s words and philosophy are always good to go back to , to ground us, to remind us of what is important.

Most have probably already seen this, but watch it again.  Especially now as we all start games.  Good luck!

Coach Wooden VideoBelow are some notes from the video:

Victory with Honor

– there is too much emphasis on winning today

– the coach is first and foremost a teacher

– before Coach Wooden was a coach, he taught English for many years

– the 4 laws of learning in English, are the same applied to coaching

– the teacher has to be more concerned about the entire learning process, than just in the content. Same goes for sports

– its easy to get carried away with win loss record

– Coach Wooden was more disappointed in parents who were concerned with their children getting an A or B than in whether they really learned anything

– Our society is too concerned about athlete first, and not student before athlete

– high school coaches, are really teachers.  Teachers first, in the classroom and on the court.

– it made Coach Wooden a better coach, the fact that he taught English before. It helped in organization skills, and helped in dealing with athletes as individuals

– the job of the coach is therefore to analyze each individual and help them achieve their maximum potential

– each player is different, therefore they must be treated differently

– Please always ask, “what is your most successful team??” Coach Wooden’s response, “I won’t know in 25 years.”

– most treasured medal or prize according to Coach Wooden was the academic medal, it holds the most value for individual achievement

I have heard players say, this is too “Old-School.”  I don’t know, academic goals, humility, hard work, selflessness, team first…. if that is “Old-School”, count me in – I’m guilty.

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