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The social media world has become over run with coaches blogs… Hell, I’m one of them, sorry.  That is why sometimes I just struggle with what to pump out there.  I like to “provide”, so it is usually the coaching nugget, a play, a drill, a link to a really good resource.  This time, it’s just a laugh or two.

You’ve typically read all sorts of stuff no one really cares about… travel, hotel food, how great this player, that team is or what coach is getting fired and why.  And, all the X’s & O’s…. out the wahzoo!  ZZZZzzzz.

One BLOG that was tweeted today by Chris DiSano is THE BEST I have read in a long, long time!  Chris is originator of arguably the best idea within the coaches BLOG realm – College Chalk Talk.

The BLOG Chris sent, part of the National Coaches Diary Series, is by the Associate Head Coach at Stonybrook University.  Quick… don’t scroll down, tell me his name?

If you got it right, you live on Long Island or you are from his family.

CCT is really a cool place to find, well, lots of “stuff” – basketball stuff, personal stuff, fun stuff from hundreds of assistant coaches all over the country.  You’ll like it because most of the names are guys that you never heard of.  Like this one… Jay Young.  No disrespect to Jay at all, or any of the rest of us no name assistants.  It’s who we are and what we do.  I don’t know Jay, never met him – hope I do one day – but he probably likes it that way.

CCT is also packed with well researched analysis and breakdowns of every major conference in the country.  A nice balance of fun and laughs with the fellas and serious hoop junkie stuff.

Jay Young

Back to Jay Young… he has now jumped to the top of the “no-name guy” list because he made a bunch of people in Virginia laugh out loud!  (and probably in a lot of other places as well.)  When Jay leaves coaching, we know he’ll have a future in stand up.

Thanks Jay!

Enjoy Jay and Nora….. and I’m not even a ____ person.

You’ll find out what I mean inside…


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