Coaching Nuggets…

I swiped these from Lyndsey at Point Guard College.  Arguably, one of the finest instructional basketball development programs in the country.

Kevin Eastman on the Theory of Two:

  • It takes two minutes to show any skill.
  • It takes two weeks to do it every single day to get comfortable with the skill.
  • It takes two months working on a skill every day to get good enough to execute in a game.

Del Harris on Reading Books:

  • If you don’t take the time to read, you won’t develop as a person.
  • If you don’t like reading, listen to a tape in the car.

George Raveling on Sharing:

  • Anytime in life that we’re provided with information to share is an important moment.
  • Nothing in life is of any value unless you share it with someone.
  • Throughout my lifetime, I’ve always placed importance on sharing with others.

Rick Carlisle on Being Positive:

  • A lot of times you need to be more positive than negative.
  • As coaches, we have a tendency to scrutinize.
  • Show them how close they are to winning.
  • Show them the mistakes that cost the games.

Jeremy Foley on Being Accountable:

  • Be accountable for your mistakes.
  • Coaches often don’t admit they screwed up.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Acknowledge that you messed up and move on.

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