Coaching U LIVE 2010

From everyone I have spoken to this event was one of the best coaching resource tools they have ever been to.  People continue to rave about the University of Florida Coaches Clinic that Coach Donovan and his staff put on every year (sadly, I have not attended either – that will change next year).  These two coaching resources must be “Top 5” for coaching growth and development.

If you attended either of these events (or others) and can provide information and feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

Post a comment and I’ll share it with everyone.


Above is a link to 70+ pages of notes provided to a friend of mine by:

Brandon Rosenthal – St. Edward‟s University

Adam Cohen – University of Southern California

I don’t personally know either of these guys, but they did a tremendous job detailing the information provided by Coaching U LIVE. On first impressions, these are two young, detail oriented guys who “get it.”

Thanks for sharing with all of us.

Notice the diagrams provided by FastDraw.

CLICK HERE for .pdf of FastDraw play

Easily the BEST play/drill diagramming tool available.  Nothing else compares to it.  Combined with FastScout it is no wonder 28 of the 30 NBA teams (nearly 900 college and close to 10,000 high school and youth coaches) use it for their scouting, drill and play diagramming needs.

Purchase it below.



  1. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the notes taken at the Coaching U Live this summer. Thank you!

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