Defending Flare Screens

John Noonan Ursuline Academy

In prepping for an “X’s & O’s” phone conversation with Ursuline Academy coach John Noonan one of the many things we were going to talk about was defending Flare Screens, both at the top and on the wing.  It got me thinking…

Like all of you, this is the time of year when it’s getting to be crunch time.  Being able to “steal” a play or two during a game (either offensively or defensively) can make a difference in the outcome of a game and potentially play-off seeding.

Talking basketball again with John was great!  John is a quality teacher of the game and an even better person.  His ideas on teaching fundamentals, defending actions as well as teaching players “HOW” to play are fantastic.

Follow the links below for ideas of defending FLARE SCREENS:  FLARE SCREENS 1 and  FLARE SCREENS 2.

I’ve become a much bigger believer in SWITCHING many things, including FLARING SCREENS.  The size and athleticism difference isn’t that great for one or two possessions to scare me out of the benefits of switching the action and killing the play.  You see most every coach during a late game situation say, “SWITCH EVERYTHING!”  With the game on the line, most people switch… why be afraid to do it as a steady system or scheme?  Not sure it isn’t the best way to handle most screening actions.  I wouldn’t do it all the time either, but it’s still probably the best way to kill the play.

One of the most over looked areas of defending flare screens is ball pressure.  Ball pressure, with “HIGH HANDS” that limits VISION is critical.  As a side note:  isn’t BALL PRESSURE a key to disrupting offense period?

Would welcome any thought and ideas in a reply or at: ideas@allbasketballreview.com

Good luck the rest of the way and in the tournaments.

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