Aisha Mohammed with Jeff House

Successful teams have a common vision, purpose and team unity.  How each team arrives there is often an interesting journey.

The process to developing a common vision is not simple or something to leave up to chance.  A shared vision amongst the players and between players and coaches allows each of you, collectively, to focus on the process of being successful when you are all faced with adversity.

Each year, the journey is different.  Each team and each team member is different.  What worked one year may or may not work the next.  Leading a team through a series of vision defining exercises helps empower them to find the way.  Truly, that is the best way to establish vision… don’t give it to them, help them find it on their own.

Let’s face it… it’s pretty easy for everyone to share a common goal when you are rolling to 25 point wins, everyone’s playing time is equal and you aren’t faced with on or off the court discipline situations or drama.  How many teams are in that situation each year?  Few, if any.

Day One…

Establish your guidelines and time line for your first meeting.  You’ll need a large white board, easel with bad or fast typer.  Establish the rules of communication – any and everyone’s ideas and input matter.  Everyone can feel free and open to speak with out condition or repercussion their ideas and thoughts.  Outline the purpose to this process and emphasize the importance of keeping this process within the team. Deflect focus from “WIN” or result oriented conversation and challenge your team to think in terms of “who” and “what” will be acceptable.

Day one should look at the season or off-season (depending on the time of year) as a whole, the goals, where we want to be and what each person is committed to bringing to the team in order for us to get there.

Open it up and get the conversation going.

1.    What do you (TEAM) want to accomplish this season?

2.    What are you committed to do everyday in practice to
get there? TEAM.

These first two usually jump right to results… win conference, 20+ wins, post season tournament appearance and/or long run.  Resist the temptation and refocus on the process.  Let those outcomes be a result of a well thought out and executed process.

Move the conversation to each individual and their responsibilities.

3.    Individually what do you plan on contributing to the TEAM everyday?

4.    Who will the leaders be?

Analyze what the current process is.

5.    What do they currently do or have done to lead the team?

Discuss what is currently being done to lead the team.

Direct the conversation back to a team related focus.

6.    What are the team strengths?

7.    What areas do they need to improve, and how will they improve them?

Finish with personal commitment and goals and the created perception of the team.

8.    What are your personal goals for the season?

9.    How do you want others (opponents, fans, family, community) to think of you as a player and/or this team?

Feel free to email me at leadership@allbasketballreview.com for Day Two’s focus.

Day One printable guide HERE.


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