Double Pump Collegiate Business Conference

Have you ever heard of the “Double Pump Collegiate Business Conference”? I had. Have you been? I’ve never gone. BIG MISTAKE.

Double Pump CBC Agenda

Double Pump CBC Agenda

I have been speaking to many colleagues the past months, EVERYONE raves about this event. On all levels: presenters, networking, location, atmosphere, learning… everything.

One colleague commented on listening to Bill Russell and Seth Davis, they were “in awe.” High praise. Let’s see why.

One excerpt from Russell…

“Never give a scholarship to a kid that you won’t have over for dinner or to stay overnight – because this team you’re creating is a new family for them.”

Sounds simple. How many coaches are really like that?

Russell continued…

“I want to live in a society where we do things for each other, not to each other.”

Community. Digging in, working together, making the program a deep part of yourself.

HUMILITY: Russell believed…

“My ego was never as important as winning.”

Selflessness.  11 NBA Championships.

LOYALITY: Russell commented…

“I only ever played for the Celtics and I never would play for another team – they were loyal to me, and I was loyal to them.”

A lost trait.

RESPONSIBILITY: Russell believed…

“When you make a mistake, when you fail to lead by example, when you do something wrong: own your decision. Accept personal responsibility, apologize and move forward. Be a model of positive decision making and turning a negative decision into a positive.”

WOW!  That was just one conversation I had on one presenter.

Don’t make the mistake. Attend this event. I’ll see you there next year!

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