Everything Counts

Good fortune comes in many forms.  Friends, new acquaintances or colleagues is one of the best forms in my opinion.  Life’s new chapter has brought much good fortune.

Gary Colson

Coach Colson has shared another good one with us.

From Gary Colson:

Mr.George Raveling( VP FOR NIKE) gave me a booklet that said:


Question: What or who is a LEADER?

Answer: Most everyone is a leader in some form or other.

What do we mean when we say everything counts?  My idea is that everyone is a good solid 10 on a ten scale …..you can only go down or repent and come back up.


1.  If you are always late…that counts.

2.  If you make promises and you break them …that counts.

3.  If you lie…that counts.

4.  If you are rude…that counts

5.  If you are narcissistic (only care about yourself)…that counts.

6.  If you are moody…that counts.

7.  If you have bad, unhealthy habits…that counts.

8.  If you have bad hygiene….that counts.

Quick personal story..I have had several leaders (bosses) but I remember one in particular who started out with a 10 and after a few years was a 3.

Reason??? he lied,he was narcissistic,he made false promises,he cheated etc.

The other LEADER  I have in mind was a 10 and after several years he was still a solid 10…he was JERRY WEST.

OK NOW WHAT?? There are a lot of good leaders out here and a lot of bad leaders but whoever you are remember….”everything counts,” So it is not too late to make some changes and get back to a TEN.

Good luck and get some help by getting people to rate you on a scale from 1-10.  It might surprise you where you stand,   My reason for writing this is that I am sick and tired of the bad leaders.

I think we can ALL relate to this experience.  Coach Colson’s wisdom and experience speaks volumes.  Thanks Coach!

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