Go from “Good to Great” this Off-Season

Many of us have used the Jim Collins book Good to Great for our teams off-season reading or to help players and/or staff’s take the next step in developing.  Collins is also the author of Built to Last, the book that preceded Good to Great – both good reads.

Good to Great by Jim Collins

I’ve always had Good to Great and Built to Last on my ABR Reading List. If you haven’t read these books with your team, consider doing it – it will pay dividends.

The discussion portion of having them read it is more beneficial than them actually reading it.  When you go through the review and the questions, have them relate the material to your team and their team mates.  Good stuff.

A friend asked me for my review sheets and the review questions so I thought I would share them with everyone.

It was a really beneficial reading for us when I did it with our Virginia team. It came after the WNIT “Elite 8” season and really helped to set the mindset for the following season’s second-round NCAA appearance.

Hope it helps.

Good to Great Reveiw

Good to Great Review Questions 1-6

Good to Great Review Questions 7-11

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