Kevin Eastman only speaks for :48 seconds… but, what he says hits it square between the eyes.

Coaching U LIVENike Pro Answers - Kevin Eastman

Speaking very openly and candidly about how and why the “BEST” players become the best Kevin states…

“They are willing to do all the things that average players are not willing to do, or they are TOO COOL to do.”

How many coaches, like Kevin, are willing to tell the players the truth like this?  The “TOO COOL” factor is so spot on and coaches will talk about it to themselves and in staff meetings, but don’t tell players this is real.

I have watched dozens of teams this year alone, in both practices and games, the ones that are full of selfless grinders committed to fulfilling their role to the very best of their ability every day are the one’s that are successful.  Regardless of overall talent.

The one’s that are “TOO COOL” to work, “TOO COOL” to grind, “TOO COOL” to put the needs of their team and teammates in front of their own… struggle.  Regardless of overall talent.

Being “TOO COOL” and not working negates talent.

These teams may attain some success vs. teams of lesser talent, other teams that are “TOO COOL,” but they rarely beat quality, top teams or win the games they aren’t suppose to.

Get your team, each individual, to buy in FIRST.  Hold the HARD LINE on accountability always and provide a process and plan for how each player can get to where they want to be.

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