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I had to share this article.  It’s from “UD Pride” by Christopher M Rieman.  I don’t know Chris, but I am very lucky to have known Jim Jabir since I was a teenager.  Jim is enjoying one of those seasons we as coaches all dream about.

from flyersnews.com

Jim Jabir
from flyersnews.com

Jim Jabir, my Residence Hall advisor as a freshman at Nazareth College.  I’m certain I would have quit school my freshman year and gone home if not for Jim.  I can remember sitting in his room around Thanksgiving, you know when the small town star realizes he isn’t as good as he thought he was and is ready to bolt back to small town.  Jim is one of the best listeners ever.  He down plays how smart he is and looks like a cross between Jimmy Durante and Mr. Magoo… but all us former Naz, Kearney Hall, 2nd floor guys, we love him!

My former college coach, Jim Emery – “Coach E”, has been drinking the Jabir Kool-Aid for years… now with the Flyers at 26-1, #11 in the USA, Coach E is living the dream.  Coach E tells anyone and everyone about Jim, he organizes road trips to see Jabir (at St. Bonaventure of all places), sends out mass updates and every game, I receive countless text messages with scores, updates and complaints about calls all from from Coach E.

There isn’t a nicer, more genuine and caring person I know than my wife… and Jim is a very close #2 on the list.

If you haven’t watched Dayton get ready to watch them in the A-10 and NCAA Tournaments.  TV announcers will be falling all over themselves for Jabir’s crew… and it couldn’t happen to a better person and group of student-athletes.

Congratulations Jim… Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Kay Yow Coach of the Year: Jabir Ahead of the Pack

DAYTON (OH) — Sunday afternoon was a milestone moment for the UD women’s basketball program. The Flyers ran the table in the A10 with a perfect 14-0 record. Not only did they capture their first-ever A10 regular season title with a 73-66 victory over St. Joseph’s, the win came before a crowd of 5,288 Flyer fans – some say a program record for a non-Math Day event where thousands of children are bussed in to fill the seats. Arena staff members had no need to paper the house this time. The season-long buzz of watching a one-loss Dayton team continue to defy expectations, youth, and inexperience were enough reasons to make paying customers out of the formerly apathetic.

At 26-1, the Flyers are now #11 in the nation – their highest ranking ever — and after tonight’s battle between UConn and Notre Dame, only two schools will be left standing with just one blemish on their record. To appreciate a moment like this, the journey getting here provides the context.

Head Coach Jim Jabir arrived on campus the same year as Brian Gregory, but that’s where the common thread abruptly ends. Gregory inherited an NCAA contender with a barn full of seasoned racehorses while Jabir adopted the keys to a Ford Pinto with a ruptured gas tank. Assigned to clean up the failed coaching experiment of Clemette Haskins and the ineffectiveness of Jaci Clark, the UD women’s basketball program was living in a state of irrelevance since the blockbuster teams of the AIAW days. The good news: there was nowhere to go but up. That was also the bad news.


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