LeMoyne College Upsets Syracuse

This you love to see… little Division II LeMoyne College in Syracuse’s back yard wins, and (for Syracuse) it was an     LeMoyne Collegeexhibition game, no “L” for SU.  The Orange can use it to their full advantage in practice everyday until the next game.  They will probably reference it several times throughout the season too… anytime practice effort isn’t where they want it.  Probably the best thing that could have happened to Syracuse.  It’s a Win-Win for everyone.

Gallagher Driscoll, an assistant on the LeMoyne staff, was the first guy I ever recruited…. didn’t get him, but he was the first guy.  He was so happy for their players.  Like Their Head Coach Steve Evans said, “they will talk about the night they beat Syracuse the rest of their lives.”  They should.  Gallagher sends me a few t-shirts for our children every year.  You better believe they are sporting the Dolphins shirts this week at school!

Gallagher Driscoll

Gallagher Driscoll

I was at UMass-Lowell (Division II) in the early 90’s when our Stan Van Gundy, Leo Parent-led team went to Curry Hicks Cage at UMass and best the John Calipari, Lou Roe led Minutemen.  It’s a great feeling to see the look on the faces of those guys… Liam Scully, Mike Mucher.  Guys that never would have been recruited by UMass, been on the radar.  For them, it was a great moment just like the Dolphins at LeMoyne.  When I ever I speak to any of those guys, or see them, they bring it up.

Hopefully it is a great carryover to a phenomenal season for these young men.

Fun stuff….  I’m so glad it’s college basketball season again!

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