Loyola’s Alisha Mosley

What a shell we live in sometimes.  You see other coaches on the road, you chat, laugh, text…. then we all return to our own campus and you never know what goes on, what happens.

Story from The Women’s Basketball News Server

Until I spoke to Joe Logan a couple of weeks back I never knew.  Everyone is swamped this time of year. We think we are busy and trying to get ready for the next game.  Alisha Mosley’s next game was fighting for her life.  Amazingly, she won! At first she wasn’t supposed to… but she won!  Alisha Mosley’s story is nothing short of amazing.  Read it.  Check in with Joe, Abby or Gizz.  Keep them in your prayers.

Loyola Women's Basketball

The simple fact that this team is still in the thick of things in the MAAC and right around .500 is amazing.  Forget about the fact that this staff is down a member… less “man-hours” for scouting reports, film work, player workouts, practice, player relations.  (Not to mention recruiting)   Think about the emotional drain on the players themselves, Joe and his staff.  Good news or bad, everyday there is a full range of emotions for players and coaches to work through.  This group of players and coaches is to be applauded for how they have persevered and worked their way through this, found a way to keep the ship floating.

Keep fighting Mos… can’t wait to see you back in the gym.

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