Lyndra Littles Playing for Latvia’s TTT – Riga’

Lyndra Littles

Lyndra Littles

Lyndra Littles is continuing her basketball career in Latvia for TTT – Riga’.

TTT - Riga'

TTT - Riga'

The season is just getting started and Lyndra has not yet appeared in a game.  The league in Latvia is not a very high level.  The TTT – Riga team is usually a very good team.  They won their first game over SK “Liepājas Metalurgs” 78 – 24 and neither of the two Americans played at all.  Lyndra will probably only play in Euroleauge games.

I will try to post updates on Lyndra periodically, but you can use the above links to track her progress and stats.  Lyndra Weaver (using the name on her passport and drivers licence) shown here against Ros Casares.

Lyndra Weaver defending vs.

Lyndra Weaver defending vs. Ros Casares

TTT Riga was thrashed 118-38.  Lyndra lead the way with 16 points. STATS.


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