Mariota’s ‘Daily 5’

Marcus Mariota learned many valuable daily habits from Passas (Mariota’s QB coach in high school)

The coach uses Mariota as an example of a strong quarterback and a good person.

The coach requires five things of his players:

They have to:

– show love for their mothers
– make two people smile every day
– do one random act of kindness
– be a team player in all facets of life
– say a prayer when they see an ambulance, a police car or a fire truck.

Sounds so very simple, yet think about if you do each of these five things daily. I don’t.

None of them require an advanced degree, money, work ethic or superior strength, intellect or athleticism.

They require heart. They require commitment. They require consistency.

Along his road to the Heisman, those three characteristics probably served him as well as any talent he possesses.

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