NCAA Basketball Fall Workouts

September marks the time when Men’s & Women’s college basketball teams are back in action.  Student-Athletes have returned from home, classes have begun and Fall workouts are underway.

 The NCAA has mandates regarding out of season workouts.  To see a PowerPoint of the NCAA guidelines follow this link: Out of Season Bylaws

 Twitter, Facebook, BLOGS are all jammed with coaches “First Day of”… class, workouts, conditioning, etc stories.

 You can follow any of the links below for stories, tips, video and more…

UMBC    LSU Bob Starkey    Amanda Butler    John Calapari    Loyola Women's Basketball

Try Googling your favorite team name or coaches name and the word twitter , eg. “Joanne Boyle Twitter'” and you will more than likely find a Twitter page and links to notes, video, etc about Fall Workouts.   For Coach Boyle you get:  CalCoachBoyle

Here is a good one for the University of Arizona’s Women’s Fall Workouts:  ARIZONA WOMEN

Love that they are using Performance Training, Jackie Ansley’s group.  They are the BEST for Speed, Agility & Quickness training.

Fall workouts should include conditioning, agility, basketball skill work and strength work.  Taking into consideration the NCAA out of season rules and allotted time rules a typical 5-Day plan for Fall Workouts could look like this.

5-Day Fall Basketball Workout Schedule

 Monday         Tuesday            Wednesday        Thursday             Friday       

 Speed & Agility   Weights           Speed & Agility        Weights            Weights

 Conditioning   Skills                   Conditioning             Skills                 Bike or Pool

 Voluntary Pick-up Games  —————————————>

I like to give the student-athletes Friday off of voluntary pick-up games in the Fall.  They still get a chance to go home for the weekend before everything gets going in October.

Every college basketball program has “voluntary” pick up games.  Usually it is organized and run by the captains and a great way for team building to take place.  The basketball itself?… just like any other pickup game, probably develop more bad habits than good.

I believe you should play a :15-second shot clock, games to 3 or 5 by 1’s.

Have only two rules: 

1.     You MUST take the first available open shot. 

2.     Posts MUST touch the ball in the half-court. (unless breakaway lay-up)

 These rules help to accomplish several things:

 1.      They ALL must RUN the floor every trip, especially posts (if they want to ever see the ball in scoring position.)

2.      Posts get to touch the ball on offense.  (*Guards don’t take every shot in a pickup game, Posts stay happy and rebound and defend)

3.      EVERYONE is looking for a “GOOD”, “OPEN” shot early.  (Builds confidence in each other, players feel worthy of taking shots.)

 Doing this for at least some of the days early during Fall workouts is a very good way to get the team moving/playing fast, have everyone looking for shots and forces people to play defense or lose a game quickly.

 If you find any good thoughts, workouts, video, articles or links on Fall workouts – send them our way!

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