Never Give Up….

We’ve all seen this… Derek Redmond tearing his hamstring in the 1992 Barcelona Summer Games.  I remember it vividly.  I remember watching it.  I remember what I felt like.

Courtesy of Inside the Games

The incredible story of his perseverance, of not wanting to quit or give up.

Everyone will face adversity this year… coaches, players, families.


We all go through things that we think just aren’t right or fair.

This wasn’t ‘right’ or ‘fair’, but he finished.  He finished with his father at his side, he found a way to get through the pain.

Hopefully your challenge will not be this great.  The pain of your players won’t be this severe.

This is a great message as the academic year is now underway, preseason is in full swing and everyone gears up for the start of practice in a few weeks.

There will be plenty of times during the coming months when there will be pain, something not fair, adversity.


Find a Way.

Whether you are religious or not, this is a good reminder.

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