Nike Championship Basketball Clinic – Session 1

Great day!  Pure basketball.  I will share with you one thought from each coach.  Three excellent speakers tonight, six more tomorrow.


Before the clinic started Coach Shafer, his staff and players were gracious enough to allow me to watch their team workout today.  An hour of good skill work while breaking down their half and full court offense.

Richmond Women’s Basketball finished 24-10 in 2008-09 and looks to be in for another successful season.

Nike Championship Basketball Clinic

Bruce Weber – University of Illinois – Attacking Gimmick Defenses and Special Situations

Coach Weber is obviously a coach that is a teacher first.  Even more than the X & O’s of his discussion, coach wants his players to read and learn how to play – not just run plays.  He stressed being prepared and giving your players a chance to win and compete by being prepared yourself.

Dave Bollwinkel – Chicago Bulls – Built to Lead:  Developing Leadership Skills

Coach Bollwinkel and I go back to 1986 and the Snow Valley Instructional Basketball School.  He has as much fire and passion for teaching today as he did then.  An outstanding presentation on building leadership qualities in your staff and team members.

Coach Bollwinkel offers this same lecture on a DVD:

Turn Your Team into a Championship Team

An outstanding program for your team or business,  COACHOnandOfftheCourt

Jim Calhoun – University of Connecticut – Zone Offense

Coach Calhoun not only shared excellent teaching principals about attacking zones, he taught and coached.  He gave you stuff that was important to the teaching in his program.  Stressing defense and practicing with a purpose, coach brought the teaching skills of his hall of fame basketball life to the court.

Day two tomorrow.  If you are within a 200 mile radius of Richmond and you coach basketball – come tomorrow.  This group is really good.  Sharing ideas and teaching principals.

We’ll provide a complete over view on Sunday evening after the conclusion of the clinic.

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