NIKE Villa 7 Basketball Coaches Consortium


In May of 2008 I attended the NIKE Villa 7 Basketball Coaches Consortium, directed by VCU on NIKE’s Oregon campus.  The Villa 7 started on the Men’s side in 2005 and 2007 for the Women’s assistants.

It is a phenomenal opportunity to meet other coaches and administrators, as well as hear first hand accounts of what it was like for a wide variety of coaches transition from assistant to head coach.  Our featured speaker was Mack Brown, Texas Football Coach.  If you haven’t heard Coach Brown speak – do it, he’s tremendous.

I have included my notes:  NIKE VILLA 7 CONSORTIUM

Villa 7 is “INVITE ONLY”, but this past year they started Villa 6 – a program designed for the younger assistants just beginning their career.

If you are looking to improve and move on in the profession – this is a must.

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