NO MIRACLES, The anatomy of (RE) Building a program

In 2013 many coaches will take over new programs.  Programs that are established – good, programs that need re-building.

What does it take?

NO MIRACLES. ONLY road to success is through Hard Work.

Identify what needs to be done to get better. Individual evaluation of each team member.

• Strengths & Weaknesses

Cannot be out worked by anyone.

• Maximum effort everyday.

Acknowledge team and individual deficiencies. Willingness to work on those deficiencies daily.

Start with Who and What you have. Current roster. You have who you have. Commitment to improving the players you have. Go to work on Individual Skills.

Improve current players individual skills. Get them to reach their maximum level.

Players must take ownership in their own team. No team has been successful without its’ players taking ownership.

No team reaches its’ maximum level without players taking ownership.

The best players must be the best workers, best leaders, need to pull, push, drag – do whatever they need to bring every other team member with them.

Allow key player(s) to have input. Listen to them. They need to know they have a stake in what goes on.

Define roles.

Players need to know, understand and accept their role on the team. Players need to know why their role is important to the team and success.

Teach and impart composure. Hold team accountable; teach acceptance, discipline and responsibility.

Allows an ability to finish games, seasons.

In season improvement. Individual improvement throughout the season.

Staff has to be great teachers. Greatest challenge in the WNBA is the off-season. You do not have your players to work with individually.

NCAA – Great off-season teaching, instruction and commitment to development.

Defensive commitment. No excuse for not having a great effort defensively. Consistency.

Teach, Learn to play with pace. A good pace.

Three key areas:

1. Rebounding Percentage

2. Free Throw – Foul Differential

3. Turnovers

*Must win two of three areas each game to be in a position to be successful.




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