Play of the DAY

We have all been in a situation where we needed to inbound the ball, late… get it to half court so we can all a timeout and run a side out of bounds for our last shot.

That brings to mind the “end game” philosophy… let your team rebound and push, before the defense is set or push into a timeout to run a set play.  There is no right or wrong answer, but having a philosophy is very important.  Having your players know and understand your philosophy is even more important.  Nothing breads a poor team environment than a lack of confidence, either from the staff to the team or from the team to the staff.

I was watching a one possession game the other night where a team desperately needed a late timeout.  They did not have away to get the ball quickly to mid-court, or at least they did not use it.  Subsequently, they used too much time in the back court and the horn sounded before they could get it to the sideline and set up for a good shot.

I immediately drew up this on the back of one of our evaluation forms.  I like the concept and will continue to play with the pieces.

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