Play of the Day – NBA Finals

A nice variation of the “Zipper” set into a Pick & Roll from the Boston Celtics, game 6 vs. the Lakers.

Line-up was: 1 – Rondo, 2 – Allen, 3 – Pierce, 4 – Garnett and 5 – Wallace.


The pre-action is nice… it forced LA into 2 G – G switches.  It put Rondo coming off a Garnett P&R in the middle of the floor (with his defender off a switch) and Ray Allen spotted up in the corner.

Allen wasn’t shooting the ball very well, but this was nice – Rondo got to the rim or had the throw back to Garnett several times.


  1. Hirons!

    Thanks for stopping by… I agree, video will help a great deal. I wish I had a clip (and the tech savvy to add it!). Thank you for your comments and for visiting.

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