Play Through the Foul

Most of you know, remember  or have a story about Vera Jones… the Flying V!  A caring a funny lady that you don’t easily forget.  My stories and memories all stem from both our time on the road with the New York Liberty.

Vera Jones

We need to support Vera in her attempt to continue to “Play Through the Foul,” (as her book suggests).  This really isn’t about Vera’s attempt to garner her own talk show… though after spending several years with Vera while she broadcast New York Liberty games, I have to vouch for her gift.  She is a talented broadcaster, a funny, funny lady and a great person.  A talk show featuring Vera would, no doubt, be both inspirational and entertaining.

No, this is about Vera only child Andrew.  Andrew is 12 and a short time ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Andrew underwent many hours of surgery and came out of it alive, but having lost 3/4 of his sight.  She and Andrew were immediately handed the greatest “foul” of thier lives.

As Vera’s book says…”Play Through the Foul,” she has taught her young son… “it’s not how much you can see, but who you are meant to be.”  Well go ahead V… do your thing!

If that means Vera is meant to host her own TV talk show… Great!  We can help her by voting for her audition tape here.


… and lending her our thoughts and prayers for Andrew’s complete recovery.

Follow the above link, watch V’s audition and vote to help her realize her dream.  Good Luck Vera!

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