Practice Evaluations & Consultation

ABR Program Review

With the Fall brings my annual Practice & Team Evaluations.

Beginning on Monday October 18th I will be on the road almost until the end of the month, with November requests coming in as well.

Spots and spaces are filling quickly.

It is easily the best professional development tool in the business, both for myself and for the programs I consult with.

In 2009 – 10 I was able to sit in on over 75 live practices, games, film sessions, staff meetings, recruiting meetings and recruiting trips; following it up with a detailed report for the head coach and their staff.


I’ve already been to nearly a dozen individual workouts, practices and film sessions in 2010 – 11!

Many times during the 2009 – 10 season I was asked to provide a scouting report for a team by their own staff – again, helping the program to improve.  I wrote the report from the opposing coaches viewpoint… what would I do to beat you.

SAMPLE REPORT. (*without diagrams)

A confidential, unbiased eye with 25 years experience to review your practices, film and offer insight, recommendations and hands on work to help the program improve.  Your own personal “Quality Control Coach.”

I’m excited to get started!


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