Dr. Mike Voight presented a version of the probability of competing in athletics beyond high school in 1990 for me at the Matt Kilcullen Basketball Camp at Jacksonville University.  This was at least a decade before the NCAA began to look at it’s importance.  Entitled, The Progressive Power Pyramid, the message was quite powerful yet very simple.

HS to Pro Probability Dream your dream…

Work to make your dream a reality…

Understand the reality of what you face.


The message is the same today.  A realistic approach to establishing a process you can follow to be successful.

The percentages have changes slightly, but focusing on the process of putting yourself in a position to be successful is still the focus.

Dr. Voight helps you build Leaders, Great Teams, assists in the complexity of Coaching Today’s Athletes, an extensive look into Sport Parenting – critical for having parents, players and coaches working in unison to improve team and individual player development.

Dr. Voight’s consultations are available One-on-One as well as via Webinar’s.

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Mental Toughness Training for Elite Amateur Athletes.

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Mental Toughness Training for Basketball

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