Q: What are college coaches looking for?

Recruiting Network

ABR:  That’s the million dollar question, and the answer varies by every coaching staff.

First and foremost, the staff should be looking for a goal oriented student with character.

Depending on the coach and their program’s style of play you’ll find a high priority on everything from overall skill level to athleticism.

Generally, when we (college coaches) attend events it will be two-fold:

1). To be seen in our schools gear (what I call “The Human Billboard” factor)  by the student-athletes we are already involved with (the ones we have name/face recognition with, have been calling, emailing, etc).

2).  To see as many teams as possible, especially ones with prospects that fit what our roster needs immediately and in younger classes.  That allows us to broaden our list and investigate more possible prospects, especially for the future. There is no substitute for time in building a relationship with the prospect, their coaches and their family.