Recruiting: “The Family Process”

Tuesday October 20th we conducted our Recruiting: “The Family Process” Seminar at St Leo the Great School for the families of the Paul VI basketball team.

Paul VI Basketball

Paul VI Basketball


The seminar was designed for parents of all age student-athletes to engage in a informal informational session about the experience of the college recruitment process, both from the view point of the family involved and that of the college coach.

To help families and their scholastic and AAU coaches figure out… “What is really going on.”

The unfortunate reality is that there is a “Cat & Mouse” game that happens on both sides.

Student-athletes don’t want to tell colleges they aren’t interested because they don’t know if they will end up with the scholarship offers they want in the end.  College assistant coaches don’t want to tell families that their child isn’t their “number 1” choice in fear that they will choose another school before their head coach is ready to “offer.”  Each side becomes less comfortable.  It’s OK.

Most parents and families are unsure of the questions to ask college coaches, or even if it is “OK” to ask college coaches.  It is.  Ask as many questions as you can.  If you don’t get the answer you understand – ask again.  Most college coaches want those questions.

Later, I will provide a one-page check list for families on establishing your “List.”  This check list will help families establish what is important in the recruiting process and how to realistically keep and eliminate schools.

Our seminar is designed to give both sides a road map and a resource to the process.

Download the overview above and see if it raises any questions.

We would like to answer your questions, on both sides of the equation, and share this information with everyone else as a resource.

AllBasketballReview does NOT release ANY personal information.

ALL names and email address will be kept confidential.

We’ve started what we call the   AllBasketballReveiw Recruiting Network

Recruiting Network

Simply email your questions to: recruiting@allbasketballreview.com. We will read, respond and post them for everyone to share.  If you have insight into the process that you have experienced, either as a coach or a family – please share and we will post.

As stated above, all contact information will be kept private.  This is simply a resource for families and coaches.

Everyone should ENJOY this process.  It is a thrilling time for a young guy or girl to go through this.  As coaches, we have an opportunity to help guide them and their parents through it.  Most families go through it once in a lifetime, maybe twice.  We go through it daily, in my case for 20+ years.  Let’s enjoy it with the families, lead them through it and help them find the right “fit” for their child.


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