Millennials Impact on your Team

There is so much attention right now on the Millennial generation, with good reason.  I have been taking the opportunity to research and read what I can on this highly questioned group and have some thoughts on their impact on our teams as it pertains to who they are, what their needs are and how…

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Urban Meyer: Finding Balance

O – H…. …I – O! I’m not a big Buckeye fan or jumping on the OSU band wagon now that they are winner’s of the first ever Football Playoff National championship. I like the cheer… and the story behind the story. Mike Wholey, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Georgia Tech shared this with me…

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Mariota’s ‘Daily 5’

Marcus Mariota learned many valuable daily habits from Passas (Mariota’s QB coach in high school) The coach uses Mariota as an example of a strong quarterback and a good person. The coach requires five things of his players: They have to: – show love for their mothers – make two people smile every day –…

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