Sky Hoops with House

Hey Sky Fans! I’m sorry for delay in posting my BLOG… I was on the road, as usual, an all-driving trip this time and it just wasn’t a good idea to drive and type at the same time. I tried a dictation app I have, but it just didn’t work.

My trip was amazing! It was just like the old Division III College recruiting days. I loaded up a cooler full of food, bottles of water, jumped in the car (at 4:00 AM) and hit the highway. With airports they way they are now, it’s about the same amount of time for me to drive as it is to fly, especially if my trip is in the central and north east portion of the country. The bonus is I can be on the phone the entire time. You’ll see why that is a bonus when you read below. This week I was in Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia.


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