Sky Hoops with House

How you liking all the free agent moves now Sky Fans! WOW! I can’t tell you how excited we are about how our 2012 roster is coming together! Pokey devised a plan; she executed her plan to perfection and is putting together a tremendous balance of veteran experience, championship experience, leadership, youth and overall talent on our 2012 roster! And we aren’t done yet! We still have the draft, a few more free agents to look at and a very competitive training camp ahead of us!

Hold on tight!

If you haven’t already done so, you better get your tickets for our games at Allstate Arena! It is going to be an amazing summer and you aren’t going to want to miss a single minute of it! As Swin says in all her tweets…. #skysthelimit!

With all the signings around the league, let’s take a look at how each organization goes about building a roster.

The WNBA mandates an 11-player roster. During the very early WNBA days, 1999, the roster was comprised of: 11 active players, two players on the injured list and one developmental player. The developmental player was a player that could practice with the team but did not dress for games, play or travel with the team. During the 1999 season we had a developmental player in New York, Simone Edwards, a 6’4 post/forward out of Iowa. Simone went on to have a very solid WNBA career. In 2000 she went to Seattle and played six seasons, 178 games and started 48 games. That developmental season was critical in Simone’s growth as a player.


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