Sky Hoops with House

NCAA Tourney time Sky Fans!… and what crazy March Madness it has been!… especially on the men’s side! Lehigh. Norfolk State. AND, what about Griner’s one-step, one-hander? In traffic, in the flow of the game! I’m going to have to see if Big Syl has that one in her bag of tricks for next season.

I wish we saw even a little more of the first round upsets on the women’s side of the tournament. Parity has not completely arrived in women’s basketball, but it is coming and the overall play is better and better each year.

I’m not wishing ill will for the top seeded teams, but I believe for the overall growth of women’s basketball it would be healthy for a #11 seed to make it all the way to the Final Four. For more early round upsets like Duke going down on the men’s side. Those type of wins for programs like Lehigh, or VCU or Norfolk State on the men’s side has allowed those programs to recruit and sign student-athletes who may not have otherwise considered those schools. It seems in women’s college basketball, the perennial top teams are the ones that win year after year. The recruiting just follows suit. The top 20-30 teams sign the top 50 – 75 players. Go through the top 50 high school players in the current 2012 recruiting class, only two student-athletes picked two programs that are not considered on the major power list… and they were still BCS schools. No one picked a non-BCS school. The women’s game needs the upsets to help the recruiting. It needs more Delle Donne’s at more of the Delaware’s.







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