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Let me quickly go back to last week’s topic of “parity” in Women’s Division I college basketball.

Here is the lineup of the Final Four this weekend in Denver:

1 Connecticut (33-4, 13-3 Big East)
1 Notre Dame (34-3, 15-1 Big East)
1 Stanford (35-1, 18-0 Pac-12)
1 Baylor (38-0, 18-0 Big 12)

Four #1 Seeds advance to the Final Four. No parity, but it is only the second time in NCAA tournament history (first since 1989) that all four #1 seeds advanced to the Final Four. The reality is, parity isn’t coming anytime soon and in one sense, everyone should be careful wishing for it. I agree that the overall growth of the women’s collegiate game needs the distribution of talent across many, many different programs for the game to grow. This would potentially allow for more upsets and Cinderella stories like in the Men’s game. But, this Final Four, a Final Four of four very strong #1 seeds, is arguably the best collection of overall team talent at a Final Four in a very long time. It is the 5th straight Final Four for Stanford and UConn. (LSU the only other school to accomplish such a feat… hmmmm, I wonder who was coaching there at that time? ☺ )

Let’s get to the preview!



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