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Happy off season Sky fans!

It’s college basketball season again!  You are officially back on the road with ‘Sky Hoops with House!’

Let’s get started!

There’s no question we are all disappointed with missing the 2012 WNBA play-offs.  There was every opportunity to get in, right up until the last day of the regular season.  The players were so focused and determined during that final stretch.  They battled, competed.  We were right there.  I’m excited for what that taught us.

Pokey was masterful in directing our team.  Finishing 14-20 is not what any of us, or the players expect, but given the league’s leading scorer (at the time Epiphanny Prince 23 ppg) and the league’s second leading rebounder and 2008 and 2012 Gold Medalist (Sylvia Fowles 10.3 rpg [Tina Charles 10.4 rpg]) missing 19 combined games (not even mentioning the other games lost by other players to injury or Shay with the Montenagro National Team) – over 60% of the season – we’ll take the progress we have made and the 2013 #2 draft pick as consolation.

One of the toughest things in the WNBA is the roster limitations and managing the injured list.  With WNBA players playing basketball year-round (WNBA and Europe) the wear and tear on their bodies is significant.  2012 was also an Olympic year for many players, which added significantly more pounding to their bodies.  During the early days of the WNBA we were permitted 13 players on the roster with two spots on the injured list, that did not count against the active roster, as well as a “Developmental Player.”  This was tremendous for the development of the league and the overall skill level of the individual players.  Maybe one day we will return to that.

Our first trip of the season!

USS Yorktown

Mount Pleasant, SC – Patroits Point.

It was a spectacular weekend in Charleston, albeit a bit chilly… that proved to be a major problem later, I’ll detail that below.

This is a place you will definitely want to visit if you have never been.  I am naturally a sentimental, emotional patriotic person.  Going through the USS Yorktown, seeing all the history and sacrifice was tremendously special.  Also, being at the game and seeing all of the active military in uniform, the injured wounded warriors attending the game and both the Notre Dame and Ohio State teams’ honoring and respecting all of them, meant a great deal to me.

Notre Dame vs. Ohio State

History in the making… the first ever women’s basketball game played on a flight deck.  We were there… mark it down, another historic first for the Chicago Sky franchise!

Considering the elements… outside, on  flight deck, sun and wind in their faces and a chill in the air… it was a pretty well played game.

For the coaches:

Notre Dame WING P&R w/ BP SET.

 I scribbled down a WING P&R SET Notre Dame ran with back pick action for the screener.  I may not have it exact – I added what I liked, but the Irish came out of a time-out twice and got a layup for Natalie Achonwa.  The initial action of posting the PTG is very good as well, with the alternate of the PTG going thru to the corner for eventual “SHAKE” action later in the play.

The setting too was spectacular:

Here are a few snap shots.


I mentioned the “problem” earlier with the chill in the air.  After the women’s game there was supposed to be a Men’s game – (#4) Ohio State vs. (#19) Marquette.  With the temperature dipping into the high 30’s and the court itself remaining warmer, the ensuing condensation forced the cancellation of the game.

 I have been part of many, many games over my nearly 30 years… I have never seen a basketball game called a “No Contest” because of weather.  Chalk one up for the Dew Point!

Many firsts this weekend.

Let me leave you with a little travel video… Enjoy!

ON THE ROAD WITH SKY HOOPS w HOUSE from Jeff House on Vimeo.

Follow Chicago Sky Assistant Coach Jeff House on the road to Charleston, SC for the 2012 Carrier Classic

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