Sky Hoops with House – FINAL FOUR EDITION


What GREAT games! Did you watch them? Both of the “underdogs” pushed Notre Dame and Baylor right to the wire. Can anyone ever really consider Stanford and UConn “underdogs?” What an amazing finish to the ND – UConn game!

The craziest thing is that Notre Dame stole the game back from UConn in OT who stole it from ND at the end of regulation!

With just under 2:00 left in OT Diggins lost the ball near the right wing. Tiffany Hayes grabbed it and headed up court. There was nothing ahead of her except Hartley and the basket. Hayes fed Hartley… as soon as Diggins lost the ball, she spun, sprinted back on defense and blocked Hartley’s layup attempt! Diggins could have pouted when she lost the ball… she didn’t. She made a great, great hustle play! Diggins wasn’t done. She grabbed the rebound took off in transition the other way. She penetrated, found Mallory wide open. Classic “draw and kick”, catch and shoot situation. In a blink of an eye Diggins tremendous hustle gave the Irish a two-possession lead they never gave back. That is leadership, hustle and determination. Sure it is great skill on some level, but the majority of those plays were simply great heart and effort.

That hustle, those plays in under :15 were a game saver! Perhaps a National Championship saver…

 Now it’s time for Baylor – Notre Dame.


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