I came across another very good play reference book, “The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays” by Vonn Read.

Vonn is a former WNBA coach and college assistant.

Vonn Read

Vonn has tremendous basketball knowledge and a complete understanding of the game… especially as it pertains to offensive plays, offensive systems and scouting.

Currently, Vonn is in the process of establishing a website and making this book available to all coaches.

In the mean time, feel free to email Vonn or us and we will get you the information you need.

This is a very good resource for a HUGE amount of offensive basketball information.  The plays and sets can be implemented at any and all levels of basketball.




The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays

** Any coach looking for the latest and innovative plays from the Pros, College, or High School levels can stop looking.  With a compilation of over 7,700 different plays, you will never need to buy another basketball playbook again.  This 2 Volume Book includes plays from 19 different play categories, and it is the most extensive playbook on the market.

Continue reading for complete details on contents of this two volume series.

**Over 7,700 Plays (Both Volumes combined) from the NBA, WNBA, and College levels.

**Most comprehensive compilation of plays available anywhere.  Compiled over the last 20 years from the top coaches in the world.

** These Books can be used to discover New Quick hitters, add a New Package, or develop an entire offensive system.   They are a lot of new ideas and concepts in these books!!!

** Any Coach that is serious about improving their knowledge of the game from an X and O standpoint will benefit from these books tremendously!

Platinum Series – Volume 1 Contains:

1.     Early Offenses

2.     Pick and Rolls

3.     Post Ups

4.     Baseline Screens

5.     Zipper Sets

6.     Cross Screens

7.     Hawk Cuts

8.     UCLA Sets

9.     Passing Game

Platinum Series – Volume 2 Contains:

1.     Continuity Offenses

2.     Triangle Offense

3.     Isolation Sets

4.     Dribble H/O Sets

5.     3-Point Plays

6.     End of Game Plays

7.     Side Out of Bounds Plays

8.     Under Out of Bounds Plays

9.     Zone Offenses

10. End-Line Plays/Press Breakers

Prices for the Books/Shipping Costs:

The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays – “Platinum Series”

Volume 1 (Over 3,999 plays – 600 pages) = $49.99

The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays – “Platinum Series”

Volume 2 (3,749 plays – 600 pages) = $49.99

The shipping costs for the books are:

  • $10.70 for Priority Shipping (2-3 Days Delivery) in the US .
  • $7.00 for Regular Mail Shipping (About 1 Week Delivery in the US )
  • Email for International Shipping Rates/Canada


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