The Wisdom of Jeff Van Gundy

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Jeff Van Gundy Wisdom

Jeff Van Gundy

·         Don’t over coach. Don’t run too much “stuff.” Keep things simple.

·         Albert Einstein: “Be as simple as you can be… but no simpler.”

·         Most high school coaches would be twice as successful if they cut out half of their stuff!

·         The key to winning: “You need to do what you do better than your opponent does what they do.”

·         To coach successfully you need to know what type of player you can coach.  Coach Van Gundy has 3 types of players he can’t coach: soft, selfish, and stupid.

·         Bill Parcells: “You have to know what loses before you can know what wins.”

·         What loses? Giving up lay-ups in transition (not getting back), fouling too much (giving up FT’s), and giving up wide open 3’s (not closing out).  You can’t win until you eliminate those 3 things!

·         Tony Dungy: “If you want to be uncommon, you have to do what everyone could do or should do, but very few are willing to do.”

·         Want to be an uncommon player? Box out. Take charges. Dive for loose balls. Make the extra pass. Those are all things everyone can do… yet very few actually do.

·         Here is an answer to the question, “Why am I not playing?” Van Gundy: “I play the players that give us the best chance to win.  If you want to play, do something that gives us a better chance to win.”

·         Bill Walsh: “A great coach gets players to do what they don’t want to do in order to achieve the things they want to achieve.”

·         Coach Van Gundy’s 5-Point Philosophy:

1.    Defend

2.    Rebound

3.    Low turnovers

4.    Play inside-out

5.    Get the best shot

·         There are only 4 stats that matter in winning:

1.    Adjusted FG % (taking 3 point shooting into account)

2.    FT’s made

3.    Turnovers

4.    Rebound %

·         If you win those 4, you crush your opponent.  You win 3, you win easily.  You win 1 or 2… and it depends on the differential.

·         Dead ball mistakes are unacceptable.  They are 100% preventable.

·         Praise unselfishness. “You have to give up a good shot to get a great shot.”

·         Good teams have ELO communication: early, loud, and often (sometimes called ELC: early, loud, and constant).


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